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Audi A4 A6 CVT Multitronic Gearbox 2001-08

(6 speed & 7 speed) Diesel or Petrol


Multitronic is a stepless transmission launched by AUDI AG in late 1999, jointly developed and manufactured by Luk.The capitalization used is multitronic (spelled by Audi with a lower-case leading ‘m’) and is a registered trademark of AUDI AG.

Based on the principles of continuous velocity transmission  (CVT) popularised by DAF, Multitronic offers a stepless automatic transmission in which the ratio between the input shaft and output shaft can be varied continuously within a given range, providing virtually an infinite number of possible ratios. The Multitronic system uses a link-plate chain drive, an oil-cooled multi plate clutch (initially of six parts, later of seven to enable it to cope better with the high torque outputs of larger turbodiesel  engines), and complex electronics, to overcome the traditional shortcomings of CVTs.

We are specialist in reconditioning of this Audi CVT Automatic transmission gearbox for the Audi 6 speed and the later 7 speed. We offer a free diagnostic (Just call to book in). Our professional staff are on call with advice. We can arrange recovery from most UK destinations. All our work is warranted for 6 months 10,000 miles.


  1. Juddering when Pulling away
  2. Juddering when coming to a stop
  3. Delay in pulling off
  4. Not changing through gears
  5. Over-reving through gears
  6. Gear indicator lit up or flashing on dashboard
  7. Rolls

Whatever your problem we have a solution. We can recondition your existing unit or use one of our pre recon units from our stock. We have a large supply of new and used Audi CVT gearboxes in stock.

Turnaround on supply and fit is 2-3 days.


We offer two recon options depending on the condition of your transmission 1) including main cone 2) excluding main cone. Only the ECU is not included in the price which is for complete job fitted. Our prices are at between 60% to 80% cheaper than main dealer prices.

Audi A4-A6 6 SPEED

Option 1
£1295 : Gearbox reconditioning (free diagnostic) exc  main cone

Option 2
6 speed £1795 gearbox reconditioning (free diagnostic) inc main cone

7 speed £1895 gearbox reconditioning (free diagnostic) inc main cone

*All prices correct at time of listing and may be subject to change please call for exact quote (small font bottom 6 size eg)